Search Help for the Index

The Index to Print Catalogues Raisonné (IPCR) is searchable by a series of alias or alternative names associated with each artist's main entry. These reflect names and spellings used by the artist, or by early scholars, or in different languages. Alias and alternative names will display when the appropriate check-box is marked at the start of a search. If no aliases or alternative spellings are known, none will appear.

Enter at least two letters of the artist's last name. To find the artist Mary Cassatt enter cassattmary or just ca and select from the list.

Some artist entries in IPCR include a list of alias or alternative names. These names may have been used by the artist or by early scholars, or may merely represent computer-searchable alternatives to the original spelling. To view the aliases associated with an artist, check the "Display artist's aliases and alternative names" box before searching. If no aliases or alternative spellings are known, none will display. For more, see What is an Alias or Alternative name?

Japanese artists in IPCR are entered in the traditional Japanese order. To find the artist Hokusai, enter Katsushika Hokusai, or just kat and pick from the list. However, for users without extensive knowledge of Asian art, Westernized-name-order aliases have been provided for each Japanese artist so that a search on Hokusai or even just hok will also bring the user to the entry for Katsushika Hokusai. Also, please note because of software limitations the circumflex symbol "^" has been used in place of the macron symbol "--" which commonly appears over vowels in Japanese artist or author names, i.e. Itô Shinsui.

For artist names with particles (van, von, de, de la, etc.), enter just the primary portion of the surname, or the first two letters of this name. To find the artist Jan van Vliet, enter vliet or just vl and select from the list.

For names of institutions, firms, or organizations, enter the primary name, omitting words such as "the" or "le". To find The Tamarind Lithography Workshop, Inc., enter tamarind or tam

If you are searching for an artist known only by a monogram or symbol, please see the explanatory text, Searching for Monogrammists and Symbols, or go directly to Thumbnails of Symbols.